Seller's Downloadable Products in Opencart Multi-Vendor Marketplace

The Purpletree Opencart multi-vendor extension allows for a quick, easy and safe way to sell any downloadable products from the seller store. It will allow users to create and manage a digital form of products.

The usual workflow of selling virtual or downloadable products is much simpler in Opencart multi-vendor marketplace that of physical products since the user is able to download the product right away after placing the order. As the product is delivered electronically, it also makes the back-end workflow much easier as shipping charges are not involved at all.

In the downloadable products, sellers can sell their downloadable product which is more convenient for customers they can easily and quickly get their product


  • Sellers can sale the downloadable products electronically.
  • Customer gets accessed to content once the purchase is confirmed.
  • File download access is based on the order confirmation or completed by admin.
  • Option to add digital assets in adding a product.
  • Easy to use and configure for sellers.

How sellers can sell their downloadable products in Purpletree multi-vendor extension?

For downloadable product seller need to create downloads. To create downloads Go-to Seller Options > Downloads > Click to add button >Then fill the form attached the file which seller wants to provide to customers after order confirmation.

1 seller download

  • After creating downloads then go-to Seller Options > Products >Add/Edit any product > Links tab > Scroll Down > Downloads > Select the download from auto-complete options >Clicks to Save button.
2 seller download
  • Now, when customer place the order of the product then admin need to complete the order status then the only customer can download the product file otherwise not.
3 seller download
  • After that seller also need to complete the order status of the order. To complete the order status of seller Go to Seller Options > Orders > View order > then select the “Complete” from the dropdown.
4 seller download
  • Customer can download the file from Customer Menu > Downloads> Clicks to download button.
5 seller download

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More details of Purpletree Opencart Multivendor marketplace can be found here.