How admin and seller can create a blog in Opencart multivendor?

Purpletree Opencart Multivendor Marketplace Seller Blogs functionality gives customers or readers the confidence to trust in your brand name and quality. Opencart multi-vendor extension Seller Blogs allows Seller to create and edit their own blog posts. Also, it gives Seller access to post their blog.


  • Admin, as well as Seller, can create their blog and post it on the website.
  • Admin can manage all blogs.
  • A separate blog for the sellers of the marketplace is defined where sellers can post blogs.
  • Sellers will have a separate page for their own blog in their profile in the Seller Options menu.
  • Admin can set the configuration setting for publishing/un-publishing of blog posts by the seller.
  • Admin can also give permission to each seller separately for publishing/un-publishing of blog posts.
  • Facility to add tags based on different categories.
  • Customers can see the seller’s blog by visiting the seller’s profile page.
  • Any user whether the customer or admin can comment on the blog posts by the seller.
  • Admin can approve/unapproved/delete action for the seller’s blog.

Let do that,

  • Firstly we have to enable the blog from Admin so, to do that go to Admin > Extension > Extension > Modules > Purpletree Seller Blog Setting > Click to install button > Then click to red color edit button > Enable the blog > finally save the settings.

1 blog

  • In the second step, the admin has to set the module on the home page of the website so to that, go to Design > Layout > Edit Home > Add the module in the Content Top > Then Save the settings.

2 blog

  • Then, Go to Purpletree Multivendor > Seller Blog Menu > Create Blog.

3 blog

  • In the same way seller can create the blog as well, To do that login with the seller account then Go to Seller Options > Blog > Create Blog.

4 blog

  • Finally, after doing all this go to the home page of your website then you are able to see the blog which is created by admin.

5 blog

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