Hide Non Required Seller Registration Fields In OpenCart Multi Vendor

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The seller gets registered on OpenCart eCommerce website. The seller registered after clicking on seller login thereby clicking on the registration Option, when the seller clicks on registration, there opens a seller registration form. This seller registration forms have many fields some are mandatory some are not.

Now, in Purpletree Opencart Multi-vendor marketplace admin can hide non-mandatory and non-required fields from the seller's registration form. If these fields will be hidden by admin for the seller registration form they will not show on the registration form

Hide seller registration fields from admin

Go to Openacart Admin>Multivendor>Regisration (Tab)>Select those fields that need to be hidden from the seller Registration form.

1 Seller Regisration Fields

So, You can see we have hidden many non-required fields from the admin section.

Note that non-required fields can not be hidden.

Display of seller registration form

Now, we will register as sellers on the website's Home Page.

Click on seller login.

2 Seller Login

Now, you need to click on Register Here

Register here

Now as we head to the main page of the seller registration form, we see those non-mandatory fields, Admin selected for hiding has been hidden.

See the below fields hidden by the admin in his interface as described above:

Store Phone


Store Logo


Store Banner


Store Address


Store Country


Store Region / State

Store City


Store Postcode


Facebook Link


Twitter Link


Instagram Link


Pinterest Link


Website Link


Whatsapp Link


As we see in the below image all fields are hidden when selected by the Admin of the website for hiding.

Main Form

Benefits of this feature

It will benefit the admin to attract more sellers as sellers were reluctant to provide so many details, now admin can hide many seller fields as per the needs and attract more sellers.

Not only this admin can also enable them again for seller registration if needs arise.

It will also be beneficial for sellers as sellers can now easily register in the store without writing or providing so much information. Now, a vendor only needs to provide much-required information not all.

If the admin selects no seller registration fields to be hidden then all seller registration fields will be shown. Admin can hide from one to all non required/mandatory fields. There is no limitation in that.