Get SMS Functionality by using SMS Extension for Opencart

SMS extension provides SMS functionality like Bulk SMS, order creation SMS, order delivery SMS for the Opencart store. “SMS for Opencart extension” developed by Purpletree Software. SMS extension is very easy to use.  To use this extension, first of all, you already have the SMS API of the SMS service provider.  After that set the SMS API and use the SMS functionality. Using this extension, SMS can be sent automatically on order creation, order delivery. Admin can also send bulk SMS to multiple customers.

First of all, you install SMS for the Opencart extension with help of a user guide.  When SMS of Opencart extension successfully installed then Purpletree SMS menu options shown in the left side Navigation menu. Click on "Purpletree SMS" menu and select settings. After that click on the settings sub-menu.  After clicking on the Settings menu, you will reach the SMS settings page. Here you can set SMS API, Enabled Bulk SMS, and Enabled Order Delivery SMS.

(More details of SMS for Opencart can be found here.)

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Feature of SMS extension

· Bulk SMS --- To send messages to customers in bulk, click on the “Bulk SMS” tab and enable its status. Go to the customer list page and the select customer using the check box and click on the ‘Send Bulk SMS’ button.2 sms

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· Order SMS ---  To send SMS when product order place enables the order SMS status. You can also add an SMS template according to what you need.  Note use these variables:-_NAME_(for Customer name),_ORDERID_(for Order id),_AMOUNT_(for Amount). Only variables do not change. 

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· Order Delivery SMS --- To send SMS when product order is delivered conform then enabled the “Order Delivery SMS” status.  After that select the delivery order status by using the ‘Order status’ dropdown. After that, you can modify the Order delivery SMS template. After that click on the Save button.

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