Frequently used Settings of Admin Section of Purpletree Opencart Multivendor

There are many settings options in admin menu of Purpletree Opencart Multivendor for various outcomes, all are thoroughly described in our user guide, blogs, and articles, but on clients suggestions and requests, we have prepared a small article for the most five frequently used basic settings by admin so as to keep the article short and easy to grasp.

It will be very helpful for new clients to go through this and have basic clarifications of these settings.

1. Show Seller Login / Seller Panel Link & Enable Browse Sellers

Admin can enable or disable seller login link and browse seller link from the website just by simple settings in Admin,

Go to Admin>Purpletree Multivendor>Settings>Show Seller Login / Seller Panel Link (Yes/No) and Enable Browse Sellers (Yes/No).

If selected yes these will show on the website otherwise not.

1 setting

 2. Hide User Menu for sellers

Admin can also simply enable/disable user/customer menu for sellers, As seller sometimes confuse between seller menu and user menu, it depends upon requirements sometimes seller wants both menus as he can simply use user functions also in an easy way,

Admin can disable user menu for sellers from Admin>Purpletree Multivendor>settings>Hide User Menu for sellers (Yes) and vice versa for enabling.

If selected yes then no user menu will appear on the seller side.

2 setting

3. Allow seller to manage orders

Admin can allow/ forbid order manage feature for sellers by simple selecting Allow seller to manage orders,

Go to Admin>Purpletree Multivendor>Settings>Allow seller to manage orders,

If admin selects yes sellers will be able to manage the status of his order otherwise seller cannot manage the order status if selected no.

2a setting

4. Use Product Templates

Admin can enable disable product Templates functionality if it is disabled then no template feature functionality will appear in Admin menu and seller option/menu,

It can be enabled from Admin>Purpletree Multivendor>Settings> (seller Tab) > use product templates (YES) and vice versa for disabling this feature.

setting 4

5. Show Store options

Admin can also change and set fields to be shown on seller stores like seller name, Store email Store phone, Store address, and Social Links.

The fields selected here will only show at the seller store if not selected they will not be shown,

setting 5

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