Export Orders to CSV in Opencart eCommerce Website

To export Orders by CSV in Opencart, we need to use the Export Orders button from the order page of export orders extension. This step is very simple to use after the installation of the Plug-in in an existing Opencart. In this extension, admin can easily export the sheet by using filters which makes it quite user-friendly.

To export the sheet you just need to click to export button then a CSV file will download from the server on your local computer then you can able to open that sheet in the MS Excel.

(More details of Purpletree Opencart Export Order with Filter can be found here.)

1 Export import

Opencart order export CSV sheet has the following column:-

  • Order ID: - Order id which is auto-generated while the customer ordered the products.
  • Customer Name:- Name of customer
  • Customer Mobile:- Customer mobile number
  • Customer Email:- Customer Email
  • Product Name:- Product Name
  • Model:- Model number of product
  • Status:- Current status of the product
  • Quantity:- Quantity of product ordered by the customer
  • Unit Price: Per unit price of the product
  • Sub Total:- a net total of the order
  • Shipping Price:- Shipping price which is applied on order
  • VAT (20%):- Value added tax(VAT) on order with percentile
  • Eco Tax (-2.00):- Eco tax
  • Total: Total amount of order
  • Payment Method:- Which shipping method is applied on order
  • Shipping firstName:- Shipping address first name of customer
  • Shipping lastName;- Shipping address Lastname of customer
  • Shipping company: Company name
  • Shipping Address 1:- Shipping Address one
  • Shipping Address 2:- Shipping Address two
  • Shipping City:- Shipping city
  • Shipping Postcode:- Shipping Pincode or postcode
  • Shipping Country:- Shipping country
  • Shipping Country ID:- Country id
  • Shipping Zone:- Shipping zone
  • Shipping Zone ID: -Shipping zone id
  • Shipping Custom Field:- Shipping custom field
  • Shipping Method:- Shipping methods while ordering a product
  • Shipping Code: -  Shipping code
  • Date Added:- Current date of ordering a product
  • Date Modified:- Date on which changes are made

2 export import

3 export import