Create Mobile Application for Opencart Store

In this era mostly work like shopping, banking, Entrainment we are done by using Mobile phone. Mobile phone apps are changing the very way we live our everyday lives. And in order to get things done, we need lots of mobile phone apps.

 Most online business needs a mobile application for their business to grow fast, most of the customer who wants to purchase things do not go for the website rather try to find a mobile apps for that and order things from that. So that would be easy for any consumer to purchase stuff on the go while traveling to work or wherever they are and don’t have access to a computer. All major eCommerce website now a day’s mostly rely on business from the mobile application.

            If you want to Mobile Application for Opencart Store so Mobile Application for Opencart 3 developed by Purpletree software solution for you. Opencart mobile app builder makes apps for Opencart store. We will build the apps for you and publish it on the Play Store.

After buy Mobile Application for Opencart, open a ticket from our helpdesk and we will provide your branded mobile application. You need to have an already existing OpenCart v3 based website.


First of all Install Purpletree Rest API Latest Version. After successfully installed Purpletree Rest API go to Extensions > Modification. Click on Refresh Button on top right. Thereafter set User group permissions for admin according to user guide. Go to Extensions > Extensions> select module>select Rest API and click on the install button. After that click on the edit button. Thereafter you will reach on setting page. Here you can enter the license key and other settings.

User Permissions

If Purpletree Multivendor is installed please follow the Steps below also else ignore steps 1 – 6

  1. Now go to admin > System > Users > API
  2. Click on + sign to create new API

1 oc app

  1. Enter Username as “purpletreemultivendor” and Generate API Key on click of Generate

2 oc app

  1. Keep API Key safe we will use it in on building this in-app for authentication.
  2. IP Address filed is required so enter any IP address in the tab.
  3. Save this API.

Sending Custom Notification Message to All App users

Admin can send Push Notification to All Users which have installed the Mobile app. Once Rest API and Push Notifications are enabled from Settings Above, New menu will come in admin left side as –

Purpletree Mobile app

  • Push Notifications
  • App Users
  • Settings

3 oc app

 Push Notifications - In this page there a list of Push Notifications Send by admin to All Customers. Admin can Add New, Resend and Delete Push Notifications at any time.

  • Title – Title of Message Sent.
  • Message – Message Text which is being sent.
  • Status - If Notification is Sent to users then it will Show Sent Status else it will Show Not Sent.
  • Date Added – The Date on which Push Notification is added.
  • Action - To Resend the Same Notification to all users’ weather it is Sent or Not Sent.
  • Delete – Select Checkbox in front of each item and click on Delete Button on top.

4 oc aapp

Add New Push Notification – Click on the Add button. A Form will Open then enter Title and Message to send to all Users. Click on Send Button. Both Fields are required to Send Message

 App Users – It shows the listing of all users who have installed the Mobile app.

  • Token – This is a unique token Generated by app.
  • Device ID – This is also a Unique Device id of Mobile app.
  • Customer – If Customer registered on the mobile app it will show Customer name with link else it will show N/A.
  • Registration Timestamp – When a user is registered on the app.

Push Notification on Order Status Change – When Admin change the order status by going to Sales > Orders > View Order.

  • Add Order History
  • Admin Select the Order Status from Dropdown.
  • Click the Checkbox Notify Customer. This must be checked for Push Notification to work.
  • Click on Send Button.
  • The Template which we set previously for the Selected Order Status will be used and the Customer would receive notification as “Hello demo User Your order no #50 has been Complete.”
  • Notification will only be sent if Status is changed; if the same status is being set again No Notification will be sent.

5 oc app

More details of Purpletree opencart mobile app can be found here.