Write your preferred string in SEO URL for Opencart Multi Vendor

SEO URLs are very important for both SEO and user. URLs help to describe a web page to search engines and potential visitors. Admin should be able to create an accurate web page easily to reading URLs. It is the best way to optimize every web page around one keyword. this keyword should be included in the URLs. Admin should use hyphens to separate words in URLs. This is important to both readability and search engine optimization. We should use hyphens instead of underscores.

Settings in Opencart Admin

For this feature, Admin will have to enable SEO URLs from settings. After that this feature will work. For enabling SEO URLs, we will have to follow the given steps.

Go to Admin > System > Settings > Add/Edit.

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After that, we will click on the server tab and we will get the Use SEO URLs option. we will click on the yes radio button. Now SEO URLs is enabled.

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If the admin has not used SEO URLs then our links will be visible like this.

For example, if the admin has not used SEO URLs then browse seller links visible like something.

SITE URL/index.php?route=extension/account/purpletree_multivendor/sellers

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After enabling this setting, we can use SEO URLs now. Now we will talk about SEO URLs. If the admin has not set any variable in the config file. then this will work as before like every links of multivendor have ocmultivendor keyword.

Url will visible like something.

SITE URL/ocmultivendor/sellers

Ocmultivendor string change

"ocmultivendor" is the keyword for multivendor pages only. We can change this keyword. If you want to this keyword then you will have to follow the given steps.

First, you will have to go to the base directory. you will get a config.php file. First of all, we will open the config.php file and add a constant variable in this file. This variable name will be "MULTIVENDOR_URL". we will set the value of the MULTIVENDOR_URL variable.

define('MULTIVENDOR_URL', 'purpletree');

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In the config file, there should be a variable named MULTIVENDOR_URL. When this variable is not defined, the default value "ocmultivendor" will be used. When the value is defined, the value from the admin config file should be used in all URLs in place of "ocmultivendor".

After setting the variable, we will see this SEO URL like this.

SITE URL/purpletree/sellers

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in the above SEO URLs, you will see "purpletree" keyword. This "purpletree" keyword is coming from config.php. you can change this keyword anytime. this keyword will work on the multivendor only. For example, we will see the browse seller link on the opencart header.

Just like that, we will see all SEO URLs for all multivendor pages. This feature hides the extension/account/purpletree_multivendor/ word from all URL and set the SEO URLs from the config.php file. 

Please see as it was coming now ocmultivendor strings now, but we as a promise to offer best to our esteemed clients have decided to make it ocmultivendor configurable, which means now it's not mandatory it will come ocmultivendor strings, it can be a variable string that you will define as per your wish as described in the article.

This will help a lot in making your SEO requirements easier and configuring the ocmultivendor string will be used.

This definitely is going to be a great advantage for our clients.