Bulk Upload PDF Files using Opencart PDF Upload Extension

Bulk upload PDF is a new feature developed 9in Purpletree Opencart PDF Catalog/Manual/Brochure extension. It uploads multiple PDFs file through an excel sheet in a single click. You can bulk upload PDF files for a product.

For Bulk Upload PDF, Go to Purpletree Upload PDF then click on the Bulk upload PDF tab. First of all, you need to download the excel sheet from the “Download Template” link. You can download and prepare data accordingly. First row in excel sheet like-PRODUCT_NAME, FILE_PATH, SORT_ORDER, and FILE_NAME all must be filled. It is required. You can’t leave it blank first-row excel sheet.

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Format of Excel Sheet

1 upload PDF

PRODUCT_NAME- You have to put the product name which is to be uploaded in bulk PDF. If you haven’t put the product name in the product name field and trying to upload the excel sheet data then data will not be inserted. You must be filled the product name field.

FILE_PATH- The PDF file path should be available in the image directory or subdirectory. If you haven’t put the file path in the file path field in the excel sheet and you are trying to upload the data but the data will not be inserted till the time if file path field is blank. You must fill the file path field.

SORT_ORDER- You can put the sort order accordingly which will show on the product page.

FILE_NAME- You can put the name of the PDF file uploaded.

If the same product name is uploaded to an excel sheet then PDF data will insert into the first product.

You can click on the “Browse” button and then upload your excel sheet. When you uploaded the excel sheet you need to click on the “Upload” button.

2 bulk upload pdf

Overwrite product PDF

a- If you have selected the “overwrite product PDF” option, you have uploaded an excel sheet then first of all existing PDF of that product will be removed and new PDFs as per in excel sheet will be added.

b-If you haven’t selected the “overwrite product PDF” option, you have uploaded an excel sheet then the PDFs will be added in addition to the existing one, Existing PDFs will remain as it is.

When you upload the excel sheet data it will show on the product for which you have uploaded through the excel sheet. You can also check the excel sheet data which you uploaded.

Go to “Catalog>Products>Edit>PDF tab” here you can see the excel sheet data will available on the product. For which language you uploaded the excel sheet data it will show on the respective language tab.

Here you can see multiple languages. For example- If you have uploaded excel sheet data in the English language then data will show in the English language tab. You can also upload PDF files manually from the PDF tab.

Here you can also manually upload the PDF file in different languages.

3 pdf upload

The uploaded PDF is visible on the front end of the product details page.

4 upload pdf