Bulk Export Import product images in OpenCart Multi Vendor

Purpletree bulk import and export extension is a very useful extension for the admin. If the admin wants to upload or update a bulk product at a time then you should use this extension. This extension work on opencart cms. This feature is also available in purpletree multivendor extension. Bulk Export-Import extension ensures that the bulk uploading/export or update takes minimum time, it is very fast.

It is a computerized process. To set up and start using the process, the interface is also very easy and all the process is done quickly, template sheet is provided to help you in the format to create your import sheet.

When we upload product data through an excel sheet. There are a few points you should remember for uploading the image. We upload product images and additional images. If you want to set the product image then you have to set it in the data tab in the image area. The product image must be an absolute URL. If you want to check a valid URL then you can do so. For this, you have to get the image URL and check by the browser. If you want to upload image product data by excel sheet. As we can see in the following image, the Product ID works as a reference ID. If you want to update product data then the product id works the same as the product id.

Now we will talk about uploading product images only on this blog. If you want to get an image from any other server then we should have full permission to access the image from the server.

1 bulk image

First, we will download the excel sheet template and fill the product data in the downloaded sheet. In which the product id will act as the reference id. The Product id of the General tab must be in another tab. If the product id is not available on another tab then that product will not be uploaded related tab data. There are two types of product images. image and additional image.

We place the image in the Image field under the Data tab with HTTP/HTTPS. the image should be with the absolute URL. You cannot use relative URL. for example (catalog/Seller_1/sample photo (3). First of all, we will know about this URL whether there is an image on this URL or not. If the image is available on this URL then we will put it in an excel sheet. If we don't have the above image on the URL then you cannot upload the image.

image upload c

For import product data

For additional images, You will see the following image. Here you can see the product_image_id field is blank. and product id must be there. For uploading image product data, the product_image_id field should be blank.

3 bulk image

To update product data

For the update product image, Product_image_id field should have the product image id. The product id must also be there.

For image product data, the product_image_id field should not be blank.

  1. Image URL must be absolute URL. For example:



  1. Relative URL will not work here: For example: (catalog/Seller_1/sample photo (3))