Advanced Shipping in Purpletree Opencart Multivendor

As we know shipping is the last but an important foremost process of an order, shipping process involves ordered products shipment to the customer’s address, it may be free of cost or chargeable, marketplace management can either ship products using their manpower or hire a shipment company using a good shipping module, There are many modules that make this part easier, Good news is that Purpletree opencart multivendor already has purpletree shipping module included with multivendor itself, it is one of the best opencart shipping modules in the market,

Purpletree shipping module offers Flat, Advanced, Flexible shipping methods.

This blog is more about how to configure Purpletree advanced shipping and reference links are there for knowing more about all shipping types.

Enable Purpletree Shipping module

Go to Admin > Extension > Extension >Select “Shipping” from dropdown >Purpletree Shipping. Then click to green color install button after that click to blue color edit button.

5 shipping


Now Choose “Enabled” from the status dropdown then click to blue color save button.

Enable Advanced Shipping

1 shipping

To enable Advanced Shipping for a store please go to Admin>Purpletree Multivendor>Stores>Edit

Select shipping Tab select shipping charge type as Advanced Shipping

More details of Flat, Advanced, Flexible shipping can be found here,

Enable Purpletree  Zipcode/ Purpletree Geo zone shipping

Now, Go to Purpletree Multivendor>Settings>Purpletree Shipping type (Purpletree Zipcode shipping/ Purpletree geo zone shipping)


We have provided the choice between zip code shipping and geo zone shipping admin can select only one at a time if the admin has selected the zip code shipping then the shipping works based on zip code if geo zone is selected then shipping will work based on zones as like described below.

2 advanced shipping



More details of Purpletree geo zone shipping can be found here,

More details of Purpletree zip code shipping can be found here,

Define shipping rates from admin panel

Now to define shipping rates please go to Purpletree Multivendor>Shipping rates>Select store>Edit

Now you can define shipping rates for both zip code shipping and geo zone shipping whichever selected by admin.

3 advanced



Define shipping rates from seller panel

Seller can also define their shipping rates from seller panel

Go to seller options/dashboard>Shipping rate>Click on Add (+)>Save

4 shippingMore Details of advance shipping in Purpletree opencart multivendor can be found here.