Add Product PDF with PDF Manual extension for Opencart

If you want to add PDF with the product for Opencart store so PDF catalog/manual/brochure for Opencart extension for you. Product PDF is very helpful for the customer to know about your product information so PDF Manual extension help to increase product sales. Product PDF extension provides multi PDF and language-wise PDF options for the product. Users can add more than one PDF for the product and users can also add PDF in all available language of the store. PDF catalog/manual/brochure for Opencart extension developed by Purpletree software. If you can buy PDF catalog/manual/brochure for Opencart extension then you get free 6-month support and lifetime free updates.

ADD Product PDF

First of all, you can install the PDF catalog/manual/brochure for the Opencart extension with the help of a user guide. After the successfully installed you can enter the License key. The license key provides the time to purchase the extension. After that enabled the status and click on the Save button.

 To add Product PDF go to the Catalog option in the left admin menu-> select Products. You will reach the product list page here and add a new product and edit the select product on the product list.

(Note:- This extension does not support the theme if it is edited in the theme editor)

2 pdf



Click on the Add button to create a new product and click on the edit button to edit the product. After clicking on the add or edit button you will reach on product form page here find the PDF tab.

1 pdf


Click on the add PDF button then you can see the language-wise PDF selection row.  Choose the file with the help of the file selector, enter the name and short order.  After that click on the Save button.

3 pdf

If you want to add more than one PDF then click on again Add PDF button. after that click on the Save button.

4 pdf

PDF show on the product detail page. Click on the PDF image to download PDF.

5 pdf