View Orders and Create Invoices as a Seller in Magento 2 Multi Vendor Marketplace

As a seller, you can view orders placed by customers for your products and create invoices if the admin has enabled the "Allow seller to manage order" feature. This guide will walk you through the process of accessing your orders, viewing order details, creating invoices, and changing order statuses.


Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Accessing the Orders Listing

  1. Log in to your Seller Account:

    • Use your seller credentials to log in to the seller portal.
  2. Navigate to the Orders Section:

    • From the seller dashboard, locate and click on the "Orders" tab or menu item. This will take you to a listing of all orders placed by customers for your products.

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2. Viewing an Order

  1. Find the Order:

    • Browse through the order listing or use the search/filter options to find the specific order you want to view.
  2. Open the Order Details:

    • Click on the order number or the "View" button/link associated with the order. This will open the order details page.

3. Creating an Invoice

  1. Check Invoice Eligibility:

    • Ensure that the order status allows for invoice creation (typically, this is for new or pending orders).
  2. Click on the Invoice Link:

    • If the order is eligible, you will see an "Invoice" link or button. Click on this link to start the invoice creation process.
  3. Fill in Invoice Details:

    • Enter the necessary invoice details such as billing information, item descriptions, quantities, prices, and any applicable taxes or discounts.
  4. Generate the Invoice:

    • Once all details are filled in correctly, click on the "Generate Invoice" or "Save" button to create the invoice. The system will generate the invoice, which can then be sent to the customer.

4. Changing Order Status

  1. Select the Order Status:

    • Within the order details page, locate the order status dropdown or selection field.
  2. Choose the New Status:

    • Select the appropriate status from the dropdown menu. Common statuses include Pending, Processing, Shipped, Completed, Cancelled, etc.
  3. Update the Status:

    • Click on the "Update" or "Save" button to apply the new status to the order.

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Important Notes

  • Commission Calculation:
    • When a seller changes the order status, commission is not calculated. Commission will only be calculated when the admin changes the order status.

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By following these steps, sellers can effectively manage their orders, create invoices, and update order statuses as necessary. Always ensure to check the admin settings for permissions related to order management.