Seller Options in Magento Mobile Application for Magento 2

Magento 2 mobile application provides all in one solution for converting your Magento website into a fully-fledged Mobile app, which is ready to build the app, fully white labeled app. No need to create an app for changes, just update the data on the mobile app for Magento store website to which it links and changes on the app will come in real-time.

Magento mobile app fully supports Purpletree Magento Multivendor extension, which means any seller can also use the application for their profile, register as seller on mobile application and then simply login after admin approval, then Seller options will be visible in mobile application for seller, Seller options will only come if seller is approved by admin, otherwise seller has to wait till they are not approved by admin. Once approved seller can view Seller options on their left menu can view all the seller information and other things regarding the same.

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Seller Orders

Seller can view all the seller orders from this page, simply click on this link and view a list of seller orders placed by the customer. The seller can also view Total Sales, Total Payable Amount and Total commission from this page. Filter the listing using Date From and Date To and click on the Filter button below. Pagination also works on this page just scroll down and more date will keep loading

Seller Products 

Seller can also view the products that they have created or assigned to them. The filter is also there to Filter the listing using Product Name and click on the filter button. Pagination also works on this page. Just scroll down to view all products.

Seller Payments

Seller can view the list of Payments received from admin on this page. Filter out using Date From and Date to on this page also. For Pagination Scroll down to view all pages.

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On this page seller can view all the commission deducted by admin from order, all can be viewed on Mobile Application in listing. Filter out the data using Date From and Date To and click on the Filter button. Pagination also works on this page, just scroll down to view all pages.

Seller Reviews 

On this page seller can view all the reviews left by customers for that seller after purchasing products from the website. Just view the customer reviews in a list on this page. Pagination works here just scroll down to view more pages.

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Store Information

Magento 2 mobile app Seller can change their store information from this page. All the store information from store Name to Store Bank details, all of that can be viewed and changed from this page. Scroll down the page to view the information. For Store Logo and Store Banner, the seller first has to Browse the Image from mobile and then click on the Upload button to upload the image before saving the Store information for images to Save and assign properly to the seller.

Customer Enquiries

Magento mobile app allows the seller to view all the customer enquiries on this page and can reply to the customer for any inquiry.

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More details of Purpletree Mobile application for Magento2 can be found here.