Left Menu in Mobile Application for Magento 2

Purpletree Magento 2 Mobile Application allows the website to sell their products from an app. Once Magento Mobile app is purchased by the site owner. We will create an app that can be launched on Google Play right away without doing any changes to the app. The App which we Crete is totally White Labeled app means the whole branding of the app will be changed to the Website owner details.

Some of the Changes in-app be done by admin in real-time means there is no need to Create an app each time you want to change some dynamic items in the app. As we have already discussed in our other blog that Admin can Change the Slides and banners on the homepage from the admin panel without the need to create an app each time for the changes The Same way is some items in Left Main Menu of the mobile app.

1 App Magento

Following Items in Left Menu -

Top Logo - This logo is one that will be provided by admin for an app. Please be noted that the Left Menu Top logo and Main Logo on the Center of App are the same which is above the slider. You cannot set 2 different logos for the app.

Account Login -If the Customer is not logged in then the first item in the menu will be Account Login link else if the Customer is logged in then Hello “firstname” will come.

My Order - Again this link will only come if the Customer is logged into to website else this item will not come on the menu.

Seller Option- If Purpletree Multivendor is enabled for the Mobile app only then options will come. If the logged-in customer is also a seller then Seller Options with further sub-menu will come else link to Become a Seller or Waiting for Approval will come here.

Categories Link -Now comes the Categories and Subcategories. These come from the Admin panel who’s Top Categories are set to Include in Menu. All the Subcategories of Level 1 of that Top Category will come below Main Category Means if Top Category is Men then only next level sub Categories of Men will come as Tops, Bottom only.

Click on the Category link to View Catalog Products of the Category. Please also note that only Catalog Products will be shown on click of these links and if any other CMS block or some other design is set on the Website that will not come on the Catalog page in App.

2 App Magento

Browse Seller - If Purpletree Multivendor is enabled for the Mobile app only then this option will come and it shows all the Sellers listing of the website along with their Store links to go.

Information - This will be the Admin CMS page whose identifier is ‘information’. All content of that CMS page will come on this page in-app. No content will come on this page if CMS Page is not found on admin.

Contact Us - This will show the Contact Information of the Admin from Admin > Store > Configuration > General > Store Information.

Exit - On click of this button a Prompts will ask if you want to exit the app. Click on Yes to Exit and Close the App on Mobile.

3 Magento App

More details of Purpletree Mobile application for Magento2 can be found here.