How to Setup Purpletree Amazing Theme with Demo Data in Magento after Installation

Amazing is Magento 2 theme, inspired by Amazon website design. It is fully responsive and unique designs available in the theme. We provide 6 unique designs with amazing theme, means user gets 6 unique design in their website just by installing one Purpletree amazing theme.

After installing the theme in your website there simple steps to setup your magento website with demo data of amazing theme.

First of all you must have valid license available with you which you will get after purchasing the theme to set demo data on the website with demo content set by Purpletree amazing theme.

In Amazing Theme configuration enter and validate the license key and enable the Theme.

1 amazing theme

After successfully enabling the theme and validating license Import the demo data from configuration by going to Import CMS Blocks and Pages.

 Overwrite and Import Static Blocks - First import the CMS block on click of Import Blocks button. Select YES in Overwrite and import Static blocks if there are static blocks with same identifier already available that will be overwritten with demo content so make sure to while clicking this button as selecting yes and click on this button will delete the already creted static blocks.

Overwrite and Import CMS Pages - Importing CMS pages is same as CMS blocks, same is the condition with Overwriting and Import CMS Pages option. Selecting Yes on this option will delete the already created CMS page and overwrite it.

Overwrite and Import Default Configuration Setting – Select Theme template from dropdown to set the website with the selected template and click on Import Default Configuration Button.

The entire Setting configuration set by on click of Import Default Configuration can also be set manually but to view the recommended design as specified in our demo we prefer to use the default setting set by us for each theme template but it is not a compulsion. You can use the setting as it suits bets to your website.

2 Amazing theme

Selecting Hompage for the website.

Setting the above explained setting will only import demo blocks and demo pages and set the page layout as from selected theme. But you have to manually set the homepage from configuration. Just go to admin Configuartion > General > Web > Default Pages and Select the CMS Homepage from there.

We have 6 following different templates to be set for homepage. Set the desired homepage from list –

  • Homepage Theme 1
  • Homepage Theme 2
  • Homepage Theme 3
  •  Homepage Theme 4
  • Homepage Theme 5
  • Homepage Theme 6

3 amazing theme

Edit Homepage – we have added a single button to edit the homepage from our configuration. Homepage Items section. Just click on Edit homepage button to go to CMS edit page of selected homepage to change the content of homepage with one click, no need to check from settings that which page is set for homepage. This option is added for ease of use to admin.

4 amazing theme