How Admin can Manage Tickets in Support Desk / Helpdesk for Magento 2

Support Desk / Helpdesk for Magento 2 allows customers to raise any complaint/ feedback/suggestion/request regarding the purchase of any product on the Magento website. And admin can easily check the customer request and solve it as soon as possible with clarification or with proper solution. Magento 2 doesn’t provide anything related to communication between customer and admin. This extension provides a communication channel between admin and customer in their dashboard. Customers can even ask any pre-sale enquiry regarding any product using Support Desk / Helpdesk for Magento 2. Admin can reply to that enquiry and both customers and admin would also get Email Notification regarding the same if enabled from Configuration.

Admin can view a list of Magento support tickets received by customers in the Admin panel. Just go to Admin > HelpDesk > All Tickets > Tickets. All the detail of the ticket is in each record. Just click on the view button to view any ticket. Admin can view basic information regarding the ticket on the listing page also like Subject, Ticket Number, Order ID (if the ticket is related to any Order), Priority, Department, Status and Created date. Admin can also delete any record from the list if not required.

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To View, each ticket click on View Button. Admin can view all the detail of the ticket can reply to the customer for each ticket. From the View page, admin can view all communication messages between each other.

Admin View Ticket page is divided into 5 following parts –


From here admin can view Ticket number then there are 2 buttons one to go back to ALL tickets listing page and another is to Delete the tickets.

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Here comes all the communication between customer and admin. On top, there is a subject title to which this ticket is regarding. Below are the Messages between customer and admin. Each message has written Admin/ Customer with their respective email addresses. The date and time are also written with each message. If there is an attachment with a message that is also present with each message.

3 admin image


Admin can reply from the message box from here. Just enter the message to be replied. Admin can also attach any attachment regarding the same if required. Attachment can only be of following specified formats — File types allowed are pdf, doc, Docx, Xls, xlsx, CSV, txt, jpg, jpeg, png, gif

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Ticket Information 

Over here is the following Information of ticket


 Current status of the ticket which is set by admin or default Status of the ticket.

Reported at 

Ticket Generation date on which ticket is generated by the customer.


To which department it belongs, so that the appropriate department can reply with accurate information.

Order ID 

If a ticket is related to any order and Order number is entered by the customer

5 admin manage

Change Ticket Information 

The following information on the ticket can be updated by admin any time after the ticket is generated.


This can be updated by admin anytime. Admin can add status from Status crud if required.


Department of the ticket can also be changed by admin. Support Desk / Helpdesk for Magento 2 allows admin to add any number of departments and that will come here and can be changed just from the dropdown.


Priority of the ticket can also be set for internal purposes so that Urgent tickets can be replied immediately and the Low Priority ticket could be solved after some time.

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