Filter option of sellers on basis of customer groups

Magento Multivendor filter option of the seller is the best part of Magento 2 Multivendor Marketplace Extension.  Which is developed by Purpletree Software. In this section, we will show how to filter the seller store on the basis of customer groups. This section can be shown in the frontend if the admin will enable it from the backend.1 filter

After Enabling this section (Seller filter enable). We will create the customer group and assign it to the seller.  When we will create the seller. The benefit of this extension is filtering the seller in an easy way, When you have multiple seller store on your website then there is much confusion for the user to search the seller store. When any user comes to your website and searches for the product by seller store. Seller filter enables the feature of Multivendor Marketplace module has solved this problem. Here user searches the seller store by customer groups. Also, We can search the seller store by the search filter. This time a particular seller is showing in front of you. The user can contact the seller from here. User can buy the product of this particular seller.

In this image, we will create and assign the group of seller. Which group you want to assign of this seller to assign them.

After creating the seller and its group. Now come to the frontend, Where all customer group will show in the left sidebar of the Browse seller Page. Here those customer group will be shown. Which group has assign to the seller? When we click on any customer group from the list then it shows the list of all seller store details. User can filter group by search functionality. Also, you can search the seller by its store name. If you have clicked any customer group and you won't close this section then click on the clear all button or cross button. If you have installed Magento Multivendor marketplace then you will see the Browse seller on the top of the website header. You can also see the Browse seller tab at the bottom.  When you will click on this button. Then you can see the list of all customer group in the left sidebar of the page. And the right side of the page, you can see all seller store of seller. Customer group will show under the SELLERS Tab. Here only those customer group available which is assigned to the seller. The normal customer group is not showing in the left sidebar.

You can see the below image:

4 filter

5 filter

In the above image, when we click on any particular customer group then show the all seller store of this customer group. This customer group show in the new tab (Now store by). If a user wants to search another seller store then they can click on the clear all button or cross symbol. If you do not want to show this feature in the frontend then you can disable this feature. For this go to admin and click on Marketplace menu and then click configuration submenu. And select the seller filter to enable to no. And now this feature is not shown in the frontend.

Please see the below image:

6 filter