How users can contact vendors in Magento Multi Vendor Marketplace

Purpletree Magento 2 Multi Vendor Marketplace Extension offers many advanced functionalities. Contact Vendor feature for customer is one of these.By this feature contact seller, the user can easily contact the vendor and send his message to vendor smoothly.

Customer side interface  for contact vendor

The customer can contact the seller from the Seller Store page and Seller’s product page.

The contact seller option will come on these two pages. Customs can click on the link given then a Message Box window will open, in which the customer has to fill in some information.

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As you can see in the below image, on the Seller Store page there are options to contact the Seller.

When the customer will click on contact Seller on this page there will a window will open for the customer to contact the seller and a message need to be sent.

The Opened window for customers to contact the seller will have the following fields;


The customer needs to fill in the name.


Customer Needs to Provide his Email ID.


In this Box, the customer needs to fill his Enquiry to the Vendor that he wishes to send. The Enquiry can be related to the product or any query related to the sales etc.

The customer can fill in the above information and send his message to the seller either from the Product Page or Seller's Store Page.

The Customer can contact the seller without logging in and also after logging into the eCommerce Store.

The Window open will be the same in both cases. There is no restriction that customers can only contact vendors after logging in. Customers can easily contact vendors also without login.

Admin Dashboard

The Best part is also that the admin can easily view the messages sent by customers to the vendor from his administrator dashboard easily without any hustle.

The Admin of Marketplace can also see the messages sent to vendors from Admin>Marketplace>Customer Enquiries

Vendor Dashboard

The vendor can check the messages sent from the customer from His Vendor Dashboard.

After clicking on Customer Enquiries. The vendor can see the messages sent by the customer.

The vendor can also through the mail. After getting the Email Id and Message from this dashboard.

As in the below image it is showing that vendor can easily see the messages send by users.