Categories access for seller Products in Magento Purpletree Multivendor

Seller can create multiple products and can add any information for the product they want and customers will come to website and check if that product is enabled then they can buy that products using Website payment method flow and according to products. Products of the website can be in different categories as assigned by admin but when it comes to seller products then admin has the option to give access for categories admin wants that sellers can add products to that particular category only or different seller can add products in their respective category only.

First admin has the option to assign global categories in Purpletree Multivendor settings  so that any seller can add products in that particular category only. Means if there are 10 categories in the website and admin wants that any seller can come and add products in only 1-2 categories then admin can give access to only 1-2 categories for all seller so that seller can add products in that particular categories only and not other than that. Admin can set that in Admin > Marketplace > Setting > Configuration > General Configuration > Allow Category for seller.

i cat acess

Second option admin has is that admin can give access to only particular categories for each seller. In this way each seller adds products in different categories. Means one seller can add products in Men section only and other can add products in Women section only. So this way each seller has different options to add their products and admin has only access to assign which category for which seller to assign. Admin can also give access to all categories for all sellers using this option. There is not any restricting but more flexibility.

For admin to assign categories for different sellers Login to admin panel > Marketplace > Mange Seller. Then Select any seller from list and select Edit Action in front of them.

2 cate commission

Then Click on Assign Category Tab and select category from the tree. Here admin can select any parent for child category to give access to seller. While giving access please be assure to give access to parent also if you are giving access to any child category so that when seller add product then can see the child category only if there is access to parent category. Mens in below case if you are giving access to Jackets Category in Men then be assure to give access to Men, Tops, and the Jackets category for seller to see Jackets category.

After selecting all the categories be sure to Save the data on click of Save Customer/Save and Continue Edit.

3 cat comm

So on Seller side when seller add or edit product they can see Jackets categories and can assign as many product they want in that category.

4 categ comm

More details of Multivendor Marketplace for Magento 2 can be found here.