SEO urls for purpletree multivendor pages on seller side

If you want to remove link “purpletree_multivendor” from Purpletree multivendor sellers side pages. You can remove it by using SEO URL . SEO URL will replace “purpletree_multivendor” with ocmultivendor that’s mean purpletree_multivendor works as ocmultivendor . opencart SEO provides various ways for improving the search engine ranking of a store. Let’s fix this.

  • Go to Admin > System > Settings > Edit > server tab > select Use SEO URLs “Yes” then save.

1 seo url

  • After using SEO URL on your site if the any other type of error is occur, so this means that you don’t have htaccess file in your opencart.
  • As you can see in the screenshot the “purpletree_multivendor” does not appear on purpletree multivendor pages.

2 seo url

  • If your issue is still not solved or facing some other any other kind of problem related to Purpletree multivendor, please raise a ticket with us from

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