1. Managing commission and payments for sellers in Magento Marketplace

    Sellers sell their products on website using Purpletree Multivendor for Magento and customers purchase seller products from website.

    When a customer makes purchases, the order payment goes directly to admin as in configured payment method. In our Purpletree multivendor extension admin takes some commission from the order as configured in commission section. Admin Commission is of 3 types

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  2. Commission Management for Magento 2 Multi-Vendor

    How to calculate and manage commission on excel? Which formulae should I apply? How can I view commission received by admin or seller? Really difficult to track for e-commerce businesses and finding a best solution for it, is important. Calculating commission of each product sell and maintaining its record is one of the hectic and tedious activity that every online business has to do. 

    Commission is a payment that can be made to an employee for his service or to a seller based on the terms and conditions of buying something through the seller. There are various kinds of commission models used in businesses, and they’re seen in both online and in physical storefronts.

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  3. Amazing theme for Magento 2 launched

    Recently we launched Amazing theme for Magento 2. The theme design is inspired by Amazon website design.

    This supports all versions of Magento 2. Following are the main features of this theme:

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  4. Fix for language issue - "Checkout out as a new customer" and "Checkout out using your account" for Magento 2

    We have published a pretty basic extension which solves an irritating issue for Magento 2 users.

    For popup login in Magento 2, this extension replaces strings "Checkout out as a new customer" and "Checkout out using your account" with "Checkout as a new customer" and "Checkout using your account" respectively.

    This is such a small issues that it should have been fixed in magento long ago, but unfortunately it still persists from Magento 2.0 till Magento 2.2.3.

    More details on Github.

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  5. Multivendor Marketplace for Magento v 2.2

    Multivendor Marketplace for Magento v 2.2

    Good news coming from our Dev team.

    They have added support for Magento CE 2.2 for our Multivebdor Marketplace extension.

    With already running 20% discount, there is another reason to buy from us!

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