Explanation of Licensing procedures

Our products require a license to work. One license is valid for one domain or subdomain unless more licenses are purchased.

However, you can use the license on any number of test domains or subdomains.

Development License

We allow using any valid license on unlimited Development Instances.

You can use the supplied license key on the website URLs with localhost & IP address without consuming any license.

You can also use the supplied license key on a test domain or subdomain without consuming any license. Domain or subdomain is considered a test instance if it contains any of the strings test or demo in domain/subdomain name.

Examples: mytest.abc.com or demo2.xyz.com or mydemo.com or http://localhost/mywebsite or or

You can use your license on unlimited test domains/subdomains.


Multi-Store setup

In the case of a Multi-store-based setup (multiple online stores being served by a single installation), if you want to use the same license on multiple stores, the stores must be owned by the same person/company. This requires a written undertaking from the customer's side, in a prescribed format.

If the stores belong to different businesses, you will need a separate license for every store.

Changing domain in the license

One license usually allows operation on one production (non-test and non-demo) domain/subdomain, unless you buy multiple quantities of licenses.

If you have purchased more than 1 quantity of license, you can use the extension on multiple domains, according to license quantity.

If you want to change the domain in your license, it is allowed one time within 6 months of the purchase. Change of license is a manual process and a ticket should be raised in our helpdesk for the same. The domain can be changed for the license only once.